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Alessandra talks Southern Brazil

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Alessandra shares the parks, rock bands, and women that make her hometown, Curitiba, such a special place to live.

"I am a 35 year old Brazilian woman that loves to travel around the world! I live in Curitiba, but studied for two years in London. I have travelled to more than 20 countries and it is my favorite hobby. I am an architect and urban planner, love my job and try to use it to change the world (yes I am an idealist)! I like to go to cinema, watch movies and series, and love rugby and football!"

If a friend were visiting Southern Brazil, what is the first thing you would show her?

"I wold take her to the parks in my hometown Curitiba. I love the green areas that we have here! My favourite parks in Curitiba are Barigui Park, with good walking and cycling paths and a lake; the Botanical Garden, the busiest in the city; and Tangua Park, the best spot to watch the sunset (if our weather allows it!)."

Images above starting with Barigui Park, the Botanical Garden, and Tangua Park.

Ale's Favourites

"Going to the beach is my favorite! It is a cultural tradition to take vacations and go to the beach! I think in my culture people feel comfortable going to the beach with any kind of bathing suit without being judged."

Curitiba is a city in Southern Brazil and is just an hour and a half drive to the beach.

Empowering Places

"In my city we have a great rock and roll scene and good bands with women! The venues are pretty comfortable to be in as a woman alone, and I feel empowered when I see that the women are valued for their talent."

"I feel empowered when I see that the women are valued for their talent."

"Two bands from Curitiba that I like are Milk'n Blues (www.instagram.com/milknblues), with two amazing lead singers, and Tn She (www.instagram.com/tnshebr). They are great! Another great female band is Mulamba and they sing about empowerment and independence and respect for women (www.instagram.com/mulambaoficial). If you are coming to Curitiba, check their Instagrams to find out if they are playing in any of our bars or pubs."

Southern Cuisine

"I love Brazilian food! We have some traditions in the south, like having barbecue on the weekends. Also we have amazing 'feijoada', a dish with beans and pork meat. In my state the traditional dish is called 'barreado' made with cooked beef and it is delicious. My city has a dish called 'ounce meat', but it is not really an ounce of meat, it is raw beef with spices, and goes amazing with our craft beers. Everyone who comes to the south of Brazil should at least try these.

One of my favourite places to try craft beer is the We Are Bastards pub, with more than 20 options to choose from. You can go alone, the tables are shared and you can meet nice people. You can start your night there and then go to the neighbouring Crossroads bar to catch some live musicl! You can find feijoada and barreado in lots of restaurants and bars. Because it is a heavy food, allow time to enjoy it!"

To try the ounce meat (pictured here) Alessandra recommends Mercearia Fantinato, where the dish is prepared in front of the clients.

Wisdom and Advice for Travel in Southern Brazil


"Even though we are comfortable to go to the beach and wear any type of clothing, as a woman I feel that the men do not respect us. They think that they can say or do anything or harass us because of our clothes. They think that if we are wearing something 'provocative' it is our fault if something happens. Others think that the sexism is also present in our job market. Men are always considered more important or more capable of doing better than women. Another challenge is to walk alone during the night in the streets. We always feel afraid that something could happen."

Ale's Five Tips to Stay Safe in the South

1. You should take care when going out alone at night.

2. Try to use apps to call a cab or uber, sit in the back, share your itinerary with your friends and keep in mind the place that you want to go to check if the driver is going to the right place.

3. Do not walk alone at night and take care of your belongings even during the day.

4. Do not use professional cameras or expensive equipment and take care of your phone and bags.

5. When you go out alone, try not to be too open to men in bars or clubs, they tend to confuse being cool with wanting something or flirting.


"People here in Brazil are pretty open, communicative and friendly! You can easily make friends, but do not trust everyone. You don't need to be too suspicious, but take some precautions for your own safety, like not taking rides with strangers or drinking something that others offer to you."

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