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Ruta talks Lithuania

Ruta discusses the people, food, and heritage that she loves about her home country.

"I am a 23 years old student doing a master's in Political science. My hobbies include traveling, cooking, skiing and meeting new people! I’ve lived in Lithuania, England, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands."

"I’m going to talk about Lithuania. It’s a small country in Central Europe and it has only 2,5 million people. Also, it has the best food and wonderful nature. People are very kind and hardworking."

If a friend were visiting Lithuania, what is the first thing you would show her?

"I would take her to Trakai Castle. It's very special. It's the only castle in Lithuania on a lake. It has a nice history, the nature is beautiful, and the food is amazing. It really represents everything I love about Lithuania."

Trakai Castle

Ruta's Favourites

"My favourite thing about Lithuania is being part of a new generation. We received independence, after being occupied by Russia, in 1991. My generation really knows what freedom means. Everything has changed and I am very happy and proud to be apart of a new generation in my country that can do things freely, compared to the things my grandparents and family couldn't do."

"My generation knows what freedom means."

"My other favourite thing is going home to see my family, friends and teachers. I feel like I wouldn't have been able to do all that I have without them. Lithuania really values tradition, family, and our beliefs. I feel very peaceful when I go home. Living in big cities like London and Amsterdam, I use so much energy, when I go back home, I can collect all the pieces together again."

Lithuania is surrounded by Latvia, Poland, and Belarus. Ruta's hometown Kybartai is in the southwest, on the border with the Russian territory Kaliningrad Oblast.

"One place in Lithuania that brings me peace is a lake Vistycio Ezeras, close to my hometown in Kybartai, where my family and I always went swimming in the summer. It always brings me memories of my family and best friends, and brings me back to my childhood. Even though I have been living abroad for five years, I still go back and remember all of the good times in that place."

Sunset and summertime at lake Vistycio Ezeras near Kybartai, Lithuania

The Cuisine of Home

"One of the best things about Lithuania is the food! Some of my favourites include sakotis (the cake that looks like a tree), saltibarsciai (famous Lithuanian pink soup!), and kepta duona (fried bread with cheese)."

Wisdom and Advice from a Proud Lithuanian


"Personally, I feel like, not only in my country but everywhere, women have always had more challenges to achieve. In Lithuania, it has always been very difficult for women, because men are still leading, but during the last few years things have started to change. We have a woman president who has been elected for two rounds, she has gained the country's trust. Because of her, we've had more women who could be ministers and have higher positions in their jobs. It's becoming more acceptable and easier, but it's still hard to be at the same level as men. "


"I have always felt very safe and I have never experienced any safety problems. My friends and I are fine walking at night together. Because the population is small and we are close communities, Lithuania is a safe country."

"We just have to be happy and proud of where we come from!"

Wise Words

"During my time living abroad, I sometimes had people being prejudice against "Eastern Europe" when they asked me where I was from. Even though they have never been, they have a bad impression or bias. I used to feel bad or embarrassed to say where I was from, but over the last few years I have realised that I am very proud of my country. There is still a lot to be improved, but that's the same everywhere. No one is perfect. We just have to be happy and proud of where we come from!"

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